What is Encouragemint?

We're a supportive online community that provides emotional support and encouragement in our online forums.

Our recently launched Encouragemint Projects are community based direct-impact efforts where we highlight a particular cause at the local level and come together as a community to make a tangible impact.

We also have educational information about various emotional issues and mental health diagnoses as well as resources such as contact information for hotlines and referral services.

Finally, the articles section of the website has positive news stories, unusual news, and useful information you may not already know.

Project #1: Hurricane Sandy Relief

Just a fledgling organization at the time and not yet fully up and running, when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast we couldn't just stand by and do nothing. Making use of our local connections we connected with and reached out to a number of local families.

We found one particular family along the Jersey Shore who in spite of their own troubles (loss of power, heat, flooding, etc.) they took it upon themselves to open up their home to others in even greater need. Check out their story and what we did here.

Couple dancing on a beach.

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.."

    -Japanese Proverb

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Project #2: Pawsibilities Animal Rescue Shelter

Fresh off an emotional high from our first project, we quickly found ourselves involved with our second project. This took us to suburban Philadelphia where we found a family-run, no-kill animal rescue shelter.

Run by a young woman with an unrivaled passion, this shelter makes the most of every dime in their shoestring budget and always puts the animals first. They also have an active volunteer program that includes children, adults, and people with special needs and various emotional issues. They make it easy to want to support them and that's just what we're trying to do. Click here to learn how you can help, watch our interview with their founder, or to make a donation.

Site Update: Encouragemint has applied for non-profit status with the IRS and is awaiting a response. Once received we will begin to more actively promote the site and our projects. Until then this website may not be as active or as frequently updated as it then will. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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